Project Management

Base Building Electrical

This refers to the part of a multi-tenant building that directly serves and affects all tenants. This includes the building’s primary structure, the building envelope, lobbies, hallways, elevators, and stairwells—all electrical facets that affect all tenants.

Distribution Equipment

The distribution system is the part of an electric system which functions directly after the transmission system. The distribution system is dedicated to delivering electric energy to an end-user. A drop in voltage levels results when electricity demand exceeds the capacity of the distribution system. Krane Electric and Lighting can handle this and more for your electrical distribution needs.


It is important to have the latest and most advanced electrical systems when renovating or adding to your structure. Consult a professional like Krane Electric and Lighting call before you make a play.

Fire Alarm

This is a critical and very important facet of your structure. Have Krane Electric assess your fire protection needs and install a system that protects your property and could potentially save a life.

Emergency Power, Generators, UPS Systems

Speak with the Krane Electric consultant to see the type of Generator you will need to power the building. In case of emergency, call 1-866-815-7263.

Lighting + Lighting Controls

Basic Lighting Controls. A lighting system consists of a manual on/off switch. We provide electrical services for Preset Lighting Controls, Slide Lighting Controls, Slide Lighting Controls, Slide Lighting Controls, Touch Dimmers, and Integrated Lighting Controls.

As you can see, there are many and more different types to choose from; better call Krane today at 1-866-815-7263.

Other great services provided by Krane Electric and Lighting:

  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Building Automation
  • Data Communication
  • Universal Washroom & Door operators 
  • Maintenance Service calls